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week 1 {new year -new photo project]

week 1 {new year -new photo project]

hey y'all

last year i failed miserable on my photography projects. i attempted a 52 week project with my clickin friends group and i don't think i made past march.

i was attempting to do a self portrait series and i don't think i made past march or april, i can't remember. 

so this year i'm going to give a go again.

i'm starting a new project 52 with everyday eyecandy and i'm going to attempt another self portrait series. yeah for me.

the first prompt for the year is {you: at the beginning}. this prompt asked that you show who you are or you from the beginning. i chose to do something a little different as i didn't want to be to serious, so i chose to try and be a little funny. anyway i hope you enjoy.



week 2 {from above)

week 2 {from above)