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hey y'all

last year i failed miserable on my  photo projects. i attempted a 52 week project with my clickin friends group and i don't think i made past march. i was also  doing a self portrait series and i don't think i made it  past march or april , i can't remember. 

so this year i'm going to give it a go again. 

i'm going to start a new project 52 with everyday eyecandy and i'm going to attempt another self portrait series.

the first prompt of the year for eyecandy 52 happens to be;  you- at the beginning.

now. i thought about what i wanted to post for this selfie  and i took several different scenarios for the prompt  today and i decided i wanted to start with something funny................



thankful 30 {day 30}

thankful 30 {day 30}